Art Classes

Esplanauts (classes for 6-8 and 9-12) and Sensory Art Explorations for Tots (classes for 2-4 with Parents or Caregivers) explore drawing, painting and sculpting techniques and experiment with art media. Art classes draw inspiration from the current exhibitions in the art gallery. Eight week long sessions run in the Fall,Winter and Spring.

Kid Art Walk

In the fall, on Alberta Culture Days, ( from 10-noon on the Saturday of the last weekend of September) the local Downtown Art Classes plan a Kids Art Walk. Families with children are invited to join in the community Kids Art Walk visiting the art galleries and artist studios downtown.  Art activities are planned for children along the way.

Masterclasses and Theatre for Schools

In collaboration with touring Ballet Troupes Esplanade Education coordinates Ballet Masterclasses and local participant programs with local dance companies.  Throughout the school year Esplanade Education looks for opportunities to offer a daytime theatre performance for school groups.  Calgary Opera, Red Sky, Kelowna Ballet, and STOMP have been among the theatre showings provided for school groups.

First Discoveries

First Discoveries Events may include a craft or art based workshop in the Discovery Centre.

Summer Art Camp

Week long day camps for children and youth run from 9 am-4pm and provide parents with affordable, challenging, creative and fun summer art projects for their children. Projects have been as diverse as glow in the dark painting, painting on records, silk screening, creature sculptures, papier-mache buildings, watercolour graffiti, and puppetry.  There are lots of fun outdoor activities also including water olympics, exploratory hunts, and field trips to Echo Dale or the water park.

Reggio Emilia Inspired Outreach Artists

Created in partnership with School District #76 in 2010, our school outreach artists provide Reggio Emilia inspired art instruction to 15 different school in 40 Kindergarten and Preschool Development Program classes. The Reggio Emilia approach is a child-directed approach to education, in which the child is seen as a resourceful, imaginative, curious and competent learner that possesses a desire to interact and communicate with others. It focuses on a child’s natural development, and holds the philosophy that learning must make sense to the student in order for it to be effective and meaningful.

Tours and Exhibit Related Programming

Esplanade Education provides tours with exhibit intepreters and programming for school groups throughout the school year. Art Gallery Tours can be combined with an art workshop in the Discovery Centre. In addition to our school tours, we also offer group tours for adult or community groups.

Artist Workshops, Special Events & Discovery Days, Workshops, Events and Discovery Days are programmed for various audiences in collaboration with visiting artists, community groups, community events and areas of the Esplanade including the Theatre, Archives, Museum and Art Gallery.