Connecting Everyone with Arts and Heritage

A place to celebrate, enjoy and learn about culture, heritage and the arts.


To enrich lives through diversity of programs including exhibitions, performances, activities and services.


To bring together cultural professionals and a diversity of audiences.
The Esplanade’s purpose is to bring together the work of artists, curators and archivists with their audiences. It also provides a focal point for art, performance, history and archives, exhibitions and programs as well as a venue for professional and community based programs and activities. As part of a cultural service network, it engages in presentation, exhibition, research and education and attracts a diversity of audiences.

Principles & Values

  • Contribution to community development;
  • Public awareness – promote value of culture; raise profile of Esplanade in Medicine Hat;
  • Establish & Communicate with Partnerships & Service Network;
  • Financial Controls & Sustainability;
  • Diverse Programming; and
  • Practice sound principles of Public Trust