Thursday April 7 | 7 PM | Gallery Foyer

Free Admission

Prairie Roses Salon

April 7, 2016

Join the Esplanade Archives in celebration of the centennial for women’s right to vote in Alberta with an open discussion centered on women’s history, issues, and contributions.

Salons, named for the room in which they historically occurred, were informal gatherings of men and women held to educate and amuse through open discussion of selected topics. Salons were often held by women and provided a socially accepted forum in which to explore their intellectual, social, cultural, and political interests.

Speakers (from top left to bottom right on photo) and discussion topics:

Candace Loder – Esplanade Archives. Women in archival records: A brief discussion of the professional and social history of Medicine Hat women.

Andrea Webb – Medalta. Speaking on how pop culture perpetuates and glorifies the unhealthy dynamic we see in domestic violence relationships.

Clinton Lawrence – Medicine Hat College. Prescriptions versus Descriptions: A Discussion of Ideal Womanhood in 19th and early 20th Century Canada

Sabrina Prince – Miywasin. Speaking on the murdered and missing aboriginal women