Let the Esplanade BECOME your classroom and experience the full potential of its rich and varied educational resources. Our Community Classroom program is modeled after the award winning Chevron Open Minds School Program originating in Calgary, Alberta. Teachers and students are invited to make themselves at home within our space, employing the unique lens of the Community Classroom to bring long-term curriculum goals to life.

Community Classrooms are designed to create lasting impacts. Teachers have the freedom and flexibility to fully situate their time at the Esplanade within their year-long teaching initiatives. Key themes, ideas and curriculum links are brought to life through valuable hands-on programming. Students will gain knowledge and experiences that will continue to inspire curiosity long after their return to the regular classroom!


1. Get In Touch

Interested in planning a Community Classroom? The first step is to book an appointment with our Education Coordinator.

2. The Program Plan

Our education staff is the liaison between your class and the Esplanade’s roster of unique community experts.

3. The Big Idea

Each incoming class is encouraged to develop a BIG IDEA. Enlist the help of your students to come up with an overarching theme or question to be explored throughout your visit. Once back in the classroom, keep the buzz alive! Draw on experiences gained throughout your Community Classroom to foster future discussions!


Community Classrooms Brochure 2019


Downtown Community Classroom


New this year is an opportunity for your class to experience the multiple facets of Medicine Hat’s downtown core. In partnership with the Medicine Hat Public Library, the Esplanade is offering a joint community classroom program in which students can experience all that the Esplanade, the Library and City Hall have to offer. Setting up your home base at both the Esplanade and the Library, your class will have the opportunity to learn in a dynamic real world setting for an extended period of time. Embracing the concept of experimental learning, you can work closely with community experts to employ the unique lens of the Community Classroom to enhance various aspects of the curriculum.

For more information please contact the Education Coordinator | 403-525-8585 | education@medicinehat.ca


For further inquiries click here to schedule an appointment. Select Appointment > Community Classroom Teacher Inquiry