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Our Feathered Friends

September 30, 2016 - January 8, 2017

It has been said that one of the things which makes Canada unique is that ‘the wild is always there.’ Our natural history is a key part of our patrimony and continues to shape us as a people. This exhibit is intended to engage, stimulate and educate all visitors, particularly the next generation of Canadians in this part of the country, by providing access to a critical part of their heritage and introducing them to their responsibility to understand, preserve and protect it.
Medicine Hat is located on the western edge of the great ‘Central Flyway’ used by hundreds of species of birds on their bi-annual migrations. Bird watching has become a major pastime here for many reasons, but particularly because there are a great many birds to watch! This exhibit will introduce those who are not yet ‘birders,’ especially youngsters, to a hobby which is also a valid and valuable activity to monitor climate change, habitat loss and species increase or decline.
Our Feathered Friends is a travelling exhibit of the renowned Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. The Esplanade has arranged with local bird watchers to display selections of their photographic work.