SAT March 9 | 1 - 3 PM
Free Admission | Refreshments
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From Beaver Pelts to Bitcoin

March 9, 2019

Take a deep dive into Decoding E-Money’s interactive and educational timeline before donning your creative cap to design an original currency of your own. Exchange your freshly minted creations for a plastic card and you’re all set to cash in for some goodies at the refreshments bar. Prefer kicking it old school? We also accept furs and beaver pelts – but you’ll have to track them down in the Heritage Gallery first. Join as we learn from the past, delve into the future and indulge in some good old fashioned fun and games.


Join us early for an exhibition tour of Decoding E-Money in the Heritage Gallery. This tour will start at 12:30pm and be led by Ted Mieszkalski, the Regional Director of Currency with the Bank of Canada. This tour will be immediately followed by our family program, From Beaver Pelts to Bitcoin.