SAT May 13 | 8:20 PM - 10:30 PM

Esplanade Studio Theatre (Main Floor)

Pecha Kucha Night Medicine Hat

Volume 13

Volume 13 is a special joint Pecha Kucha with the Esplanade featuring local speakers and artists from the Oh Ceramics exhibition celebrating Canada 150!

  • Marianne Chenard,¬†Montreal, Souvenirs and daily life events that influence me
  • Farren Assaly, How to Self-Heal
  • Juliana Rempel, Bragg Creek, One by One – Process, Practice, Patience, Plates
  • The Stroke Support Team, a unique therapy approach
  • Xanthe Isbister, 1500 lbs. of clay every two weeks


  • Carmela Laganse, Winnipeg, Unpacking the Souvenir
  • Alwyn O’Brien, Vancouver, an exploration of the “baroque” line and the fold
  • Ken MacKenzie, Manager Engineering Services
  • Amanda Knodel, on adopting her third child

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