APR 5 & 6 | 7 PM | $12.50 (+gst, s/c)

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Shrek Jr.

St Mary's School

April 5, 2017 - April 6, 2017

The story of Shrek Jr. begins with the fairy tale creatures being exiled from Duloc into Shrek’s swamp.  This causes tension for Shrek, and he starts a journey to meet Lord Farquaad to right the injustice, along the way he meets Donkey who becomes his faithful friend and sidekick.  In a distant land there lives in a tower Princess Fiona who dreams of her rescue from captivity.  Shrek is assured by Lord Farquaad that if he rescues the princess from the tower and delivers her to the ruler, that he can have his privacy returned to his swamp.  Shrek accepts the challenge and does indeed rescue the princess.  As the group begins their return to Duloc we find out that Princess Fiona is under a spell and is in fact also an ogre who requires true love to lift the spell. Just as Fiona and Lord Farquaad are to be married, Shrek bursts in with a declaration of love, as well as a revelation about Lord Farquaad. The show ends with true love’s kiss and everyone celebrating their individuality.