SAT May 11 | 7:00 PM

Studio Theatre

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Suddenly Mommy

May 11, 2019

Back by popular demand, Anne Marie Scheffler brings another hilarious one-woman show back to Medicine Hat! Suddenly Mommy takes us through every mom’s experience of good times, bad advice, and trying to do it all. From hot dates to play dates, experience the rollicking rollercoaster of motherhood. Because no matter how you planned it… it always comes suddenly!

“No one tells you that motherhood is like a hero’s journey. You enter the extraordinary world. And it’s unfamiliar. You have to fight, grow, learn, battle. You return with the elixir of Put Yourself First. Or the mommy, the wife, is just a sad shell of her formal self. And guess what? No one wants that.”

Written and performed by Anne Marie Scheffler