TUE Mar 19 | 8 PM

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Tom Cochrane & Red Rider

March 19, 2019

Over the course of a long and illustrious career now spanning more than 40 years, Tom Cochrane,  the pride of Lynn Lake, Manitoba has covered more terrain than the Franklin expedition. From early beginnings as a folk-based singer/songwriter playing the coffeehouses of Toronto’s famed Yorkville scene in the early ’70s, Tom became the driving force in adventurous rockers Red Rider prior to achieving massive international success (over six million copies sold worldwide and diamond-sales status at home) with breakthrough 1991 album Mad Mad World and its anthemic hit “Life Is A Highway”. Since then, he has continued to create potent new material while cementing his place in the hearts of Canadians through crowd-pleasing performances from coast to coast and his unwavering work on behalf of humanitarian causes and organizations. An Order of Canada recipient and Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee, Cochrane has won eight Juno awards and numerous other industry honours, including the 2013 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award and a Grammy nomination. In recent years, Cochrane stepped off the music industry treadmill, but his creative itch never disappeared. “It gnaws at you when you haven’t created something for a while,” he explains. “I tried my hand at painting again, but I didn’t find it as satisfying as I used to. There were a number of reasons I wanted to make another record. First and foremost, if you’ve got wings you fly! You start to feel that voice, that muse, the urge to get something off your chest. That never goes away, it may just not be as intense at certain times.”