MON Mar 23 | 7 PM

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Mission Songs Project

Pay What You Will

March 23, 2020


***This event has been moved to the Studio Theatre for a more intimate and inspiring experience***

Jessie Lloyd first became curious about the songs from the Aboriginal reserves or the mission days when she heard her Aunties singing an old tune from Palm Island, OLD called ‘The lrex’. The lrex was the name of the boat that used to transport the stolen generation children and those removed under the Aborigines Protection Act in the early to mid 20th century. This song was what the families used to sing as they didn’t know if they would see their loved ones again.

Jessie has travelled Australia visiting various communities and elders seeking their stories and advice about the music and life of the old days. So far Jessie has gathered a significant collection of around 40 – 50 ‘mission songs’, songs that were written about life on the mish’; on the settlements, reserves and native camps where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were removed.

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