SAT May 22, 2021 | 7:30 PM

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A Bellydance Odyssey

May 22, 2021

A Bellydance Odyssey is a whole new experience of adventure, strength, intensity, and power. You may have seen the Tone Bellydancers before, but not like this. More than two years following an incredible triumph on the Esplanade Main Stage, the Bellydancers are returning with even more new props. New costumes. New music. New original choreography.

The bar has been raised and the wait is over.

The leaders of Tone Bellydance have developed their own brand of Oriental Fusion, and while they continue to dazzle and impress, they have also innovated. Throughout the Odyssey, you can expect a theatrical experience showcasing Bellydance with ostrich fans, daggers, sais, candles, swords, veils, fan veils, and the exceedingly popular Isis (butterfly) Wings. The main show is a journey of it’s very own: exciting, strong, uplifting and intriguing. Truly, it is a breathtaking experience.

There will be just one showing of this unbelievable production. Rave reviews are sure to follow, just as they did more than two years ago. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience a Bellydance Odyssey, led by Las Vegas Professional Bellydancers and Choreographers.

A Bellydance Odyssey: Original Choreography by- Krista Vandermeulen and Lindsay Perry, Tone Bellydance owners. Original Music by- Paul Dinletir, composer.


*This performance has been rescheduled from it’s original date. If you hold tickets for the original date they will be honoured for the new scheduled performance date.