Tips For Organizing A Safe Event At The Esplanade

As an event planner, it is essential to ensure everyone attending your event is in a safe environment. Also, the venue you will select needs to be properly secured with the latest security features and protocols. Events that gather large numbers of people tend to be confronted with many different risks and hazards, ranging from terrorist threats, protests, or various types of emergencies. If you have chosen to use the Esplanade as the next location for your event, take a look at the information you can find on our website. Below you will discover a few of the most important event security tips for a safe and secure function.

Assess & Handle The Risks

  • Perform risk assessments and identify all possible security problems. Take into consideration the profile of the event you plan on organizing.

  • If you have chosen one of the most elegant spaces in one of the city’s top venues, kudos for you. Take advantage of the Esplanade’s modern design and spacious locations.

  • You can plan a private meeting or throw an art performance using the studio theatre or the rooftop terrace. You can host receptions or even plan fun parties in any of the Esplanade's spaces. While all locations are fully secured by their managers, you are also advised to perform accurate risk assessments and find the most reliable solutions to minimize them.

  • There are two parking lots that your guests will be allowed to use. The surface lot is by permit use during the day, Monday to Friday, and free for use on evenings and weekends. You can also use the underground parkade, which can be rented out entirety for your guests.

  • If you wish to further strengthen security around the parking lots, you can hire a security company that can provide you with security guards that will assist you during the event.

  • The Esplanade allows you do plan events for any number of guests (be it 20 or 200). All you need to do is provide us with all the details of your event 24/7 Car Locksmith Servicesand let us come up with a few recommendations that should suit your custom needs.

  • If you plan on serving alcohol, you will need to secure the necessary insurance.

  • If you plan a high profile event with celebrity guests, you could be looking at fans and unauthorized media trying to make their way in. This security risk needs to be addressed accordingly. Hire guards at the doors and make the event an invite-only one. Have a professional locksmith company assess the existing security devices, locks and surveillance cameras included, and make recommendations.

  • Accidents do occur during planned events as well. You need to be prepared to handle any possible scenario with practical and immediate solutions. For example, if one of your guests accidentally loses their keys, you should be able to assist them by calling some nearby car key replacement services. Expert emergency locksmiths that are available 24 hours a day and have fast response times are the one should keep close ties to during your event. Save their number in your contacts and make sure they can handle all of your potential requests, including lockouts, duplicate key making or key repair, and more.